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Pregnancy Symptoms Manchester NH


Pregnancy tests are an indicator of pregnancy, not a confirmation. Before you make an abortion appointment or try to navigate parenting plans, make an appointment with us first. We can provide her with a free ultrasound so she can learn how far along she is and talk through any questions or concerns.


Although the decision is ultimately up to her, knowing how you really feel about the pregnancy and being a dad helps her make a fully informed choice. It empowers her and you. Leave all your cards on the table. If you want to continue your relationship together – tell her. If you’re excited (and also a little scared) – tell her. She deserves to hear from you because she is making a decision that will impact your life too.

Support for men & Dads

An informed decision is an empowered decision. You both deserve to learn all the facts and find support and care.  We provide medically sourced medical information on pregnancy and abortion. We will answer questions you may have about your options and how each decision can impact your future. You can learn more about the different types of parenting options and talk to one of our male staff members about what comes next.

My Partner Thinks She's Pregnant

Learn more about your options and how to support her through the pregnancy decision and beyond


confidential and free of charge

What You Can Do

GET the facts

During your appointment, you can meet with one of our male client advocates and share your thoughts and concerns and learn more about your role.

speak up 

Don’t wait until a decision has been made to speak your mind. Tell her how you feel. Let her know that you are there to offer support through the pregnancy and beyond. Make sure she knows she is not alone. Let her know just how strong and capable she is.


If she decides to continue the pregnancy, we offer one-on-one mentorship for dads and refer for parenting classes for new parents. We have programs and resources for her too.

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